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How VNS Therapy Works

VNS Therapy is designed to stop seizures, so you can focus on what’s important.


The VNS Therapy Difference

Designed for more seizure-free moments, VNS Therapy has the ability to not only prevent seizures before they start but stop them if they do.



What does VNS Therapy involve?

VNS Therapy is delivered through a device that sends mild pulses to the vagus nerve at regular intervals throughout the day in an effort to stop seizures before they start.

An additional dose of therapy may stop or shorten your seizure, decrease its intensity and shorten your recovery time.

VNS Therapy includes a short outpatient procedure which takes about an hour.

The 3 modes of VNS Therapy explained

The 3 modes of VNS Therapy explained

Standard Mode
Prevention Delivery

Therapy is delivered at regular intervals throughout the day in an effort to stop seizures before they start.

Detect & Respond*
Responsive Delivery

Responsive automatic delivery of an extra dose of therapy (when a rapid increase in heart rate is detected that may be associated with seizures) in an effort to stop a seizure once it starts.

Magnet Mode
On-Demand Delivery

Provides you or a caregiver the ability to manually deliver an additional dose of therapy in an effort to stop a seizure once it starts.

*Also known as AutoStim Mode. Only available in models 106 and 1000.

An extra dose of therapy may stop or shorten a seizure

An extra dose of therapy may be administered using the VNS Therapy magnet or via Detect & Respond Mode (models 106 and 1000 only).

EEG (monitoring method used to record electrical activity of the brain)

Animation is for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary.

VNS Therapy's latest technology includes features that offer treatment personalization and easier management

Day/Night Programming

Optional feature that allows your doctor to customize VNS Theapy based on your lifestyle preferences or side effect management. Your doctor can program your device to different settings for any two periods of time during a 24-hour period.

Scheduled Programming

Scheduled Programming allows your doctor to pre-program your device to automatically change therapy settings at intervals he or she chooses to quickly reach your targeted dose. This option can reduce the need for you to attend follow up appointments for programming, giving you time back to live your best life.

On VNS Therapy
since 2011

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